Evidence Overview 1

Objective: Create successful concert calendars for upcoming shows that will help to promote the artist and WBRU.


  • Research artists using Pollstar
  • Putting together a spreadsheet of upcoming tours with information such as artist, venue and date of the event
  • Edit spreadsheet on a set basis to maintain organization
  • Send research to supervisor and other colleagues

Evidence: Include a copy of the spreadsheet in my portfolio

The first piece of evidence is a PDF file containing upcoming tour dates and venues for specific artists that WBRU plays on-air. These artists and bands were chosen based on most requested and most played songs at the station. Research for these tours and shows was conducted through Pollstar, which is a trade publication for the concert tour industry. Information about these shows primarily come from agents, managers and promoters who produce concerts. It was important to include local venues, that way WBRU can get the word out there that a certain band will be in the area. This could eventually lead to future giveaways for those shows. (Please click on the link below.)

Concert Calendar Research

The next pieces of evidence are screenshots from the Scion Concert Calendar on the WBRU website. If there is a concert promoted or hosted by WBRU, we create the event on our online calendar, which is hosted by Scion, so that BRU listeners can find out all the details about the show from the price of tickets to the venue. We even include the band’s most recent video and a little bit of background info on them and the tour they are on, if any. (Please click on photos to enlarge.)

Panic at the Disco



Panic at the Disco 2

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