Evidence Overview 2

Objective: Put together press releases and any other media advisories for upcoming events


  • Meet with supervisor to discuss upcoming events
  • Create press releases and/or concert cards to be read on-air
  • Keep track of all press releases/media advisories/concert cards to remain organized

Evidence: Include some of these writing samples in my final portfolio

The following piece of evidence is a concert card template the Promotions Director created for promotions interns to update for different bands coming to local venues. After filling these cards out accordingly, they are printed out and put up in the production booth for the DJ to read on-air. As it shows on the template, I fill out the date of the event in the top left corner. The band name is centered at the top and if they are performing with any special guests, that name is listed below. Underneath that we put the venue location, most times the event takes place at Lupo’s, the Met or the Fete Ballroom & Lounge. Also included on the card for the DJs to say are the times the doors will open and when the show will start, how much tickets cost and where tickets can be purchased, whether it is from the venue website or from a ticket retailer, like Ticketmaster. The purpose of these cards is so that the DJ can hype up the event to the listeners, in turn creating a bigger turnout for the event. (Please click on photo to enlarge.)

Concert Card

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