Evidence Overview 3

Objective: Provide both listeners and guests of events with the best experience possible


  • Collaborate with other Promotions Interns and employees about ideas for events
  • Create “swag bags” to be handed out to guests at events
  • Interacting with guests and entering them into available prize drawings
  • Get feedback from listeners and guests

Evidence: Include a write up of an event and a sample “swag bag” that would be given to guests in my portfolio

This first piece of evidence is an excel sheet that I created when buying merchandise to give away at events. It is just an example of some of the items we have to buy in bulk or wholesale and then have them customized to show the WBRU logo. For this particular project, I had to work with a budget of $2,000 and managed to stay just under it. After discussing the prices of items with my supervisor, we took some items out and added other items in their place. (Please click on photo to enlarge.)

Promo Swag Budget


The second piece of evidence provided is a picture of one of our WBRU “swag” tables and it shows you some of the things we give away at our promotional events. For this particular event, we were at Fat Belly’s in Wakefield, Rhode Island and had a bunch of giveaways that night, including a weekend trip to Killington, a brand name snowboard and sunglasses and snowboarding goggles courtesy of Anarchy. At every event, we always have the swag listed in the merchandising budget (above) including pens, stickers, bottle openers and chapstick, which are all given away for free. As shown in the picture, we also give away WBRU coffee mugs and some of our favorite CDs, but these have to be won through contests. Because this event in particular was winter themed, we did contests that related to that. For instance, we had a frozen t-shirt contest in which 4 participants had to try to unfold a frozen t-shirt and put it on their bodies the fastest in order to win a certain big prize. It was definitely a lot of fun to see all of their creativity! (Please click on photo to enlarge.)

Swag Table


One of my favorite events to staff was the annual Rock Hunt, which is similar to a battle of the bands for local talent. I was able to work the first semi-final round, as well as the final round. To say that Rhode Island has some amazing talent is an understatement. There was a huge turnout for both of these events and the giveaways were amazing. At most events, like Rock Hunt, we have a Register to Win category. As like most Register to Win prizes, guests fill out registration slips and put them into a box. By the end of the night, we choose a winner at random and they win an awesome prize. In the case of the first round semi-finals of Rock Hunt, we gave away a pair of tickets to see the band, Deer Tick. Also given away that night were prizes like WBRU mugs, CDs, shot glasses and hats and t-shirts courtesy of Narragansett Beer, one of the Rock Hunt Sponsors. It was very rewarding to see how excited people get when they win something from WBRU. The station has a huge fan base and we love to make our listeners happy by giving them awesome rewards!


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