Evidence Overview 4

Objective: Maintain a professional and organized social media platform for WBRU


  • Attend concerts and events hosted by WBRU
  • Take pictures and/or videos at events to be published on WBRU’s social media sites
  • Meet with supervisor to categorize and filter content from event
  • Maintain organization through folders
  • Add media content to social media sites for recognition and promotion

Evidence: Include pictures of events and promotions in my portfolio

The following pictures are from a couple of different events hosted by WBRU. The first one is of myself and other BRU Crew members at the first round of semi-finals for the annual Rock Hunt event, which is similar to battle of the bands for local talent. Throughout the night, we hold contests and games with the guests to give them a chance to win some awesome prizes, including free tickets to see concerts.

The next three pictures were taken for our Workplace Intervention program. Recently revamped, this program allows for our listeners to enter their office or business into a random drawing and, if chosen, they win a pizza party and some goodies courtesy of the BRU Crew. It is a fun thing to do and you meet all different types of people. It gives us the chance to break up their day a little bit and incorporate something fun and exciting. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?! We also bring BRU music and play some trivia for really great prizes, like tickets to the Pawtucket Red Sox.

All of these photos are posted to our social media pages like Facebook and Instagram to promote not only WBRU, but also the events and locations we go to. It encourages people to attend our shows and to enter their names into our drawings in exchange for some cool surprises! (Please click on photos to enlarge.)

Rock Hunt 1 Workplace 1 Workplace 2 Workplace 3

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