Evidence Overview 5

Objective: Work with Live Nation and record labels to obtain product


  • Send out proposal requests to Live Nation contact for concert tickets to be given away on-air 
  • Contact record label executives to request CDs of artists featured on WBRU
  • Maintain organization through online documents
  • Report back to program director

Evidence: Include proposal requests sent to Live Nation and CD request document in my portfolio

The first two pieces of evidence are proposal request forms from Live Nation (one for Kings of Leon and the other for Queens of the Stone Age) to obtain tickets to a future show that WBRU will give away on-air, usually through the 8 a.m. Ticket Window segment. This segment allows the winning caller to choose between two shows that they would like to go see. These proposals get sent to us from our contact at Live Nation and the Program Director determines how many pairs of tickets to order. Once he decides on that, he forwards that information to me and then I can proceed to fill out the request form and send it back to Live Nation. In most cases, these shows have not been announced to the public and tickets have not yet gone on sale. It is important on our end to make sure we do not leak this information to our listeners until the tour or show is announced. In this form, I fill out what dates the promotion will run and at what times, usually the Ticket Window time at 8 a.m. I also have to fill in how many pairs of tickets we would like to receive. So, if we want 10 pairs of tickets, I need to request 20 tickets total. Sometimes the announcement dates change, which then causes the promotion dates to change, so Live Nation notifies both myself and the Program Director of that and I change the request form as needed. (Please click on photos to enlarge.)

Kings Of Leon Request    Queens of the Stone Age Request


This next piece of evidence is a document shared between myself, the Program Director and the Promotions Director. Each week, the Program Director sends out a trade report of artists and bands whose songs have had the most spins or air-play. Each week, there is a new addition to this list and sometimes we do not have the latest album of this additional artist. It is my job to update this request document with the new adds each week. As you can see from the document, I have to include the artist or band name, their latest album, it’s release date (if it has not yet been released), the record label associated and the contact person for the record label. After updating this, I then send out the required form or emails needed to the correct contact people at the record labels and request a certain number of CDs to be sent to WBRU. (Please click on photo to enlarge.)

CD Request

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