Learning Contract

Professional Objectives

Objective: Create successful concert calendars for upcoming shows that will help to promote the artist and WBRU.


  • Research artists using Pollstar
  • Putting together a spreadsheet of upcoming tours with information such as artist, venue and date of the event
  • Edit spreadsheet on a set basis to maintain organization
  • Send research to supervisor and other colleagues

Evidence: Include a copy of the spreadsheet in my portfolio

Objective: Put together press releases and any other media advisories for upcoming events


  • Meet with supervisor to discuss upcoming events
  • Create press releases and/or concert cards to be read on-air
  • Keep track of all press releases/media advisories/concert cards to remain organized

Evidence: Include some of these writing samples in my final portfolio

Objective: Provide both listeners and guests of events with the best experience possible


  • Collaborate with other Promotions Interns and employees about ideas for events
  • Create “swag bags” to be handed out to guests at events
  • Interacting with guests and entering them into available prize drawings
  • Get feedback from listeners and guests

Evidence: Include a write up of an event and a sample “swag bag” that would be given to guests in my portfolio

Objective: Maintain a professional and organized social media platform for WBRU


  • Attend concerts and events hosted by WBRU
  • Take pictures and/or videos at events to be published on WBRU’s social media sites
  • Meet with supervisor to categorize and filter content from event
  • Maintain organization through folders
  • Add media content to social media sites for recognition and promotion

Evidence: Include pictures of events and promotions in my portfolio

Objective: Work with Live Nation and record labels to obtain product


  • Send out proposal requests to Live Nation contact for concert tickets to be given away on-air 
  • Contact record label executives to request CDs of artists featured on WBRU
  • Maintain organization through online documents
  • Report back to program director

Evidence: Include proposal requests sent to Live Nation and CD request document in my portfolio


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